Why is my air fryer smoking?

Why is my air fryer smoking?

If your air fryer smokes or emits smoke, don’t panic. It’s probably due to excessive oil and fat splattering on the heating element. Overloading the basket with fatty foods can also cause smoke.

To fix the problem, stop using your air fryer and remove any excess grease and oils with a paper towel. Place a piece of bread at the bottom of the clean air fryer to soak up extra heat and oils. By following these steps, your air fryer will be back to perfect working order in no time.


Air fryers can smoke for various reasons, such as cooking fatty foods or catching fire. The most frequent cause is an excessively high temperature that causes grease from the fatty foods to splatter onto the heating element, resulting in smoke and burning odors.

Cooking greasy foods in an air fryer can result in smoking. However, there are ways to prevent this, such as cooking uncovered, reducing cooking time, and ensuring enough room for hot air to circulate. You don’t have to eat low-fat meals with an air fryer. Greasy dishes can still be made safely with a little extra care.


  1. Is the fog in the kitchen smoke or steam? If it’s steam, it’s normal. But if it’s gray and suspicious-looking, keep reading.
  2. Cooking greasy foods at high temperatures can create smoke due to oil and grease splattering. This can add an exciting element to mealtime, but it’s important to remember that smoke is expected when cooking delicious, juicy barbecued meats like bacon and chicken thighs.
  3. To maintain your air fryer, clean it regularly. After it cools down, wipe off any old grease or food crumbs from the heating elements and coils. Also, remove any lingering leftovers from the bottom, such as leftover grease or forgotten food pieces.
  4. Your food may not have the perfect, golden crunch due to dry batter coating or overcrowded cooking. To avoid splattering and reduce oil usage, space out items in the basket or rack.
  5. Burnt bread crumbs in your kitchen can be caused by improper cooking techniques. Factors such as food not being battered or sprayed with oil and airborne particles from dried breading can lead to smoking and burning. Don’t blame a poltergeist for the mess!
  6. If your air fryer isn’t giving you the results you want, try downsizing or upgrading. Cooking smaller portions in a small basket ensures uniform cooking and flavor. Overstuffing can lead to unevenly cooked food. Experiment with different sizes to find the best option for successful frying.
  7. To reduce splattering while using the Air Fryer, try two simple solutions. First, add water to the bottom of the pan or basket. Second, put an old-fashioned slice of bread in there to absorb excess oil. These methods can help keep your kitchen clean and tidy.
  8. To prevent your air fryer from cooking too hot, lower the temperature and cook for a longer time. This will ensure tasty dishes without excessive heat.
  9. Before using your air fryer, ensure that your cooking area is well-ventilated. Smoke and steam can easily build up in a small kitchen, so it’s important to open windows and turn on the vent hood to prevent overwhelming amounts of smoke or steam.
  10. You can cook in your kitchen without smoke and heat by switching your pantry staples. Use light or refined olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, or vegetable oil to sauté over high temperatures with minimal smoke.
  11. If you’re struggling with something, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Share your questions in the comments and let’s brainstorm together to find solutions.


  1. Smoke from your air fryer may be caused by a manufacturer issue. Contact the producer for guidance to get back to healthy, smoke-free cooking.
  2. Are you struggling in the kitchen? Try changing your cooking style or recipe for something new. A fresh approach can lead to a successful meal.
  3. Air fryers have benefits, but not all foods and recipes are suitable for them. If your meal is smoking or not turning out as you hoped, use traditional methods like stove-top or oven cooking. Remember, safety is important.

Air fryer not working well? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Air Fryer Bro’s first article will help solve the mystery of smokey air fryers. We’ll put out those white puffs for good so you can enjoy air frying without fear. We know air fryers are new for many, but with our help, it won’t seem as daunting. Join us on this journey through fried-foods paradise–no smoking allowed.

Air fryers are efficient for cooking delicious meals. However, they can produce nasty smoke if not used carefully. Overusing fatty ingredients like hamburger and bacon can cause oil to accumulate in the cooking element, leading to a fire at high temperatures. Leftover food particles on the element can also cause unwanted smoking. To avoid these hazards, be mindful when using your air fryer to prepare fried foods.

If your air fryer is spewing white smoke, don’t worry. We can help you fix the issue and prevent it from happening again. Seeing unexpected white smoke can be alarming, but it’s happened to many people before. Your kitchen may smell acrid and be filled with smoke temporarily, but with some adjustments, you can avoid this problem in the future.

Discover a new way to cook with the power of an air fryer. This kitchen appliance is revolutionary and can bring some culinary adventures. Don’t miss the opportunity to clean it and try it out!

Your air fryer may produce white smoke, but it’s not necessarily a defect. It could be how you’re using it. Don’t worry though, there are solutions available. We have them for you today.

What can we do about a smoking air fryer?

I’ve learned that air fryers are a good investment, as I’ve bought two. I’ve tried a Chinese brand and now own a Philips model, and have compared them to other brands. I have some tips for getting the most flavor out of all your meals.

My air fryer has had some issues with smoke. This is often caused by cooking fatty foods, which can lead to a buildup of oil and fat. If you notice a burning smell or see any wisps coming out of your air fryer, take necessary precautions. It could be something else causing the issue.

How can I tell if food is fatty or not?

To avoid consuming too much fat, investigate the fat content of foods before eating them. Bacon is clearly high in fat, but french fries may also be unhealthy. It’s important to research beforehand to make informed choices.

When cooking with an air fryer, check the inside after your first meal. You can easily see the amount of oil present when it’s hot and freshly cooked. Tilt the cooking compartment to one side and look for pooled fat on the bottom. This could mean there’s too much grease or a high-fat content in the dish. Check immediately to get an accurate reading before the fat solidifies.

Excessive smoke or fatty smoke in a recipe can be problematic. However, there are simple steps we can take to reduce the unwanted odor. Choosing leaner proteins and cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods are among the expert tips that can help us make tasty recipes without excessive smoke.

Tip 1: Soak Up That Oil!!

White smoke from your air fryer can be solved easily. To absorb excess oil or grease, put a slice of bread in the cooking compartment. This draws out any extra liquid and solves the smoky air fryer problem quickly.

White smoke from your air fryer is a common problem, but it has simple solutions. To absorb excess oil or grease, you can put a slice of bread in the cooking compartment. This will draw out any extra liquid and solve the smoky problem fast and easy.

Get creative at your next cookout by soaking unexpected ingredients in liquid. Experiment with natural materials that won’t burst into flames when heated. The possibilities for mouth-watering flavors are endless!

This method has a downside. Leftover bread cannot be consumed afterwards. Despite its potential to reduce waste and save money.

Tip 2: Dilute that oil!!

To prevent hot oil burns, dilute the excess. Add water to the air fryer’s cooking compartment. This will dilute the cooking oil, prevent smoking, and stop further burning. It’s an easy solution.

Which Method is Best?

Choosing between two options to reduce air fryer smoke during cooking can be difficult. Let’s explore both methods to determine which is most effective.

Placing bread in the bottom of an air fryer’s cooking compartment can soak up oil. It requires no effort and makes cooking hassle-free. This method creates delicious meals with less fat, ideal for a relaxing night at home.

To avoid smoking, it’s important to add enough liquid when using the water method. Adding too little or too much food can still result in an unpleasant experience. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, too many times.

Try conducting your own experiment to discover which cooking method produces the most flavorful and crunchy results. Test out water cookery along with another method of your choosing. Afterwards, share with me the delicious discoveries you make!

Anything else to remember?

Air fryer smoking is a common problem, but it’s preventable. With my tips and awareness of high-oil ingredients, your cooking can stay smoke-free. It’s important to be aware of any oil build-up in the machine, so keep that in mind while using your air fryer.

Using even a small amount of oil in the air fryer can cause problems. Residue from previous batches can accumulate and lead to smoke filling your kitchen.

Maintain a clean and healthy cooking routine. Prevent unhealthy oil or grease build-up, even when making low-fat meals.

I air fry food in short intervals to make it delicious. I flip and shake the food after each session for even cooking. I also drain excess fat between mini-cycles for a healthier experience. Nutrition is important to me.

Cooking with an air fryer can be distracting due to the sizzles and pops. It’s important to keep a careful watch to avoid any mishaps. Even the slightest steam can cause a billowing cloud of smoke. This could be embarrassing, even for a professional chef like Gordon Ramsay.

To avoid smoke and oil buildup in your air fryer, clean the top heating element regularly. This will ensure smoke-free frying. Keep an eye on the buildup to prevent obstruction.

To maximize your air fryer’s potential, consider your oil choice. A higher smoke point oil is recommended for better frying performance. Avocado oil is a popular option among home cooks due to its nutritional value and taste. Refer to our article on air fryer oils for more information.

To prevent smoking in air fryers, it’s important to know the causes. Simple adjustments can avoid the problem, like cooking at lower temperatures. Don’t let smoke ruin your meals; be aware of potential hazards and enjoy every bite hassle-free.

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