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The 10 Best Garlic Keepers Of 2023

There is a saying; garlic is one of the miracles that deserve to be celebrated. It is the most obligatory herb for many recipes as well as good for health. This is why you’ll find garlic in almost every kitchen.

The problem comes when you need to peel it and keep it fresh for several days. If not stored correctly, it can become worse quite fast. There is a solution to it. You can maintain the freshness of garlic by keeping it in the best garlic keeper.

Not only it adds elegance to your countertop, but it also keeps garlic fresh with its properties. Many chefs prefer using garlic keeper as it helps to store garlic properly. If you are planning to invest in garlic keepers, we must say you’ve landed up in the right place.

In this article, we’ve gathered ample garlic storage containers. These garlic keepers include some holes so that air can circulate. Now you can stock up a lot of garlic bought from the grocery store at once.

Best Garlic Keeper: Reviews of 2023

Garlic holders come in a range of materials, designs, and added features. It makes it difficult for you to understand which one is good at keeping garlic fresh for long. Since you are here, you really don’t have to worry.

The following garlic keepers offer the correct way to store garlic in the kitchen. Not only do they come at a low price, but they also look great. Besides, they are compact so adapt to the most kitchen. Keep reading to know more about them.

1. Fox Run Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Fox Run Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Whenever you cook, you need fresh garlic to liven up a dish. Fox Run ceramic garlic keeper is what you need to store your go-to flavor enhancers. This keeper has become the talk of the town for several reasons.

One of the reasons you should consider this keeper is its build material. This excellent ceramic garlic keeper is made of non-porous and unglazed stoneware. It is not only elegant to touch but also looks unglazed.

This ceramic garlic keeper absorbs moisture better but not the smell of garlic. So there will be no lingering smell inside the keeper. Moreover, there are a few vents near the base. It allows the air to enter and reach the garlic.

Also, the non-porous nature of the keeper allows better airflow to keep the garlic dry and cool. The Fox Run keeper comes with a lid, including a knob. It protects the garlic from direct light.

Then, there are two garlic-shaped handles for easy handling. The keeper has enough space to store one and a half-sized garlic bulb at once.

What We Liked:

  • Made of non-porous and unglazed stoneware
  • Eliminates moisture but not the odor of garlic
  • Multiple vented holes allow better airflow
  • Ceramic lid protects the garlic from direct light

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Prone to staining

If you are using garlic keeper for the first time, get started with Fox Run ceramic garlic keeper. It looks great in the kitchen as well as keeps garlic fresh to brighten up your meals.

2. Norpro 5-Inch Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Norpro 5-Inch Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Norpro ceramic garlic keeper is a high-quality and durable option to store a bit more garlic. It also provides ideal storage conditions for ginger and shallots. The garlic keeper can easily hold 3 to 4 heads of garlic at once.

It is made from non-porous, unglazed stoneware, which offers added durability. The keeper surface will provide a superb feeling. Besides, it’ll resist moisture, scratches, odors, and stains for a more extended period.

Then, there are enough vent holes in the garlic keeper. It ensures an adequate amount of airflow to keep your garlic dry and cool. On the other hand, a snug-fitting lid keeps the garlic away from light for extended shelf life.

However, one thing we object to is that the lid is too small and difficult to hold. It is more likely to slip out of hands and break. Other than that, it is a good value for the money.

What We Liked:

  • Provides optimal storage for 3 to 4 garlic bulbs
  • Well-ventilated design
  • Snug-fitting lid for added shelf life
  • Keep garlic dry and cool

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not dishwasher-safe and oven-safe
  • Very tiny opening

Overall, this ceramic garlic keeper with a blue design will keep your garlic fresh and nearby for use. The garlic keeper is not oven-safe as well as not dishwasher-safe.

3. Garlic Keeper Vented Ceramic Storage Container

Garlic Keeper Vented Ceramic Storage Container

This beautiful vented garlic keeper is for people who love stylish kitchen storage options. The sophisticated design of the garlic keeper will surely catch everyone’s attention.

This 2-piece garlic keeper is made from high-quality, white ceramic material. It’s a multipurpose container that comes in handy to store fresh ginger, onion, etc. Besides, this ceramic container is easy to clean.

Nonetheless, the main attraction of the keeper is its elegant, wooded lid. This wooden lid is made of natural bamboo, which rests over the wide opening. It successfully prevents the light from entering.

Also, 12 vent holes allow the maximum amount of airflow into the keeper. This ceramic keeper absorbs moisture and keeps garlic bulbs fresh even in a low-to-medium moist environment.

What We Liked:

  • Sophisticated, glazed design
  • The bamboo lid to protect the garlic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Large 12 vent holes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The bamboo lid doesn’t fit well
  • Not oven-safe

This vented ceramic garlic keeper is a must-have for garlic lovers. It provides a clean look for the minimalist hoping.

4. Progressive International Terra Cotta Garlic Keeper

Progressive International Terra Cotta Garlic Keeper

This Progressive Terracotta garlic keeper is a budget-friendly option for budget buyers. It provides a unique cellar environment to store garlic and keep it fresh for weeks.

The garlic keeper is made of terracotta clay that keeps garlic in the dark. It will prevent moisture absorption from keeping garlic fresh and dry. Unlike others, there are vented holes at the bottom.

It still offers proper airflow and provides an ideal storage environment. The keeper has a lid that helps stop sunlight from entering. On both sides, it includes handles for easier handling. You need to wash the garlic keeper by hand washing.

What We Liked:

  • Provides ideal condition for storing garlic
  • One lid with knob and two side handles
  • Large vent holes for smooth ventilation
  • It can hold 2-3 garlic bulbs

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Fragile and may chip easily
  • Risk of damage while shipping

The Progressive terracotta garlic keeper might seem small for some users. It can still hold 2 to 3 garlic bulbs. You shouldn’t look at its build-quality to underestimate its value.

5. Mud Pie Garlic Keepers

Mud Pie Garlic Keepers

The Mud Pie garlic keeper is an attractive option, which is a dedicated garlic storage jar. It includes the “GARLIC” word written over the jar. What we like most is the wooden top of the garlic jar.

The detail-free design, along with the white ceramic construction, provides it a contemporary look. It looks great on the kitchen countertop. Also, there are enough vented holes near the top.

The vented hole allows airflow, so it’ll keep garlic dry and cool. Due to the non-porous surface, it’ll not absorb moisture even in a humid environment. The keeper might be too tiny for some users. But, it can still fit two to three garlic heads finely.

Above all, it features a removable, wooden lid for ease of use. It also keeps light away from the garlic. However, the keeper has a small opening, so it is difficult to get your hand inside.

What We Liked:

  • Refined design that fits any kitchen décor
  • Compact size yet holds 2-3 garlic bulbs
  • Keep the lights away from garlic
  • Vented for enough airflow

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Small opening
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Ignoring the negative aspects, we must say that the Mud Pie is a cute keeper. It is perfect for keeping garlic fresh in low-to-medium humid conditions.

6. HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Clove Keeper

HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Clove Keeper

The next white HIC Harold Import garlic keeper comes with “GARLIC” printed across it. As you know, fresh garlic enhances the flavor of your dishes and also offers added health benefits. It keeps garlic cloves fresh for around two weeks without needing any refrigeration.

However, this HIC Harold garlic keeper is made of unglazed ceramic material to absorb moisture. It comes with a full white finish that looks great in the kitchen. Besides, there are vent holes near the base.

These vent holes allow enough airflow to keep your garlic cool and dry in humid conditions. Then, it features two handles for ease of movement. The garlic keeper has a snug-fitting lid that features an exclusively-designed garlic shaped knob.

What We Liked:

  • White, unglazed ceramic construction
  • It can hold up to 3 garlic bulbs
  • Includes two side handles
  • The lids have a garlic-shaped knob

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Somewhat prone to staining
  • A bit smaller compared to other keepers

The HIC Harold garlic keeper can hold up to three garlic bulbs. Some people find it small as a keeper, but we think it’s a decent choice for a small kitchen.

7. Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper

Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper

The Norpro Deluxe stoneware garlic keeper is a giant option compared to others. Also, it is one of the popular options that you try once. This garlic container can hold up to six garlic bulbs, which is just incredible!

It is equipped with non-porous stoneware. The garlic keeper has a garlic bulb embossed over the pot that looks great. Along with the size, there is another remarkable thing, which is plenty of vent holes.

The large garlic keeper has so many small vent holes near the top. These holes promote adequate airflow to keep your garlic bulbs dry and cool. Besides, it keeps garlic fresh as the pot doesn’t absorb odors and moisture.

Lastly, it comes with an attractive lid that protects garlic from light. You can hold the lid by hold the garlic-shaped knob.

What We Liked:

  • The largest option among all
  • Includes lots of vent holes for proper airflow
  • Comfortable to hold the lid
  • Made with sturdy ceramic

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • It takes more space in the kitchen countertop

This big-sized Norpro Deluxe garlic keeper is best for people who love cooking with fresh garlic every day. It is effortless to maintain and affordable, as well.

8. Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

If you are looking for a smaller option for your little requirements, this is what you need. The Joie terracotta garlic keeper can hold one-large garlic head or several garlic cloves.

This small garlic cellar is made from terracotta that absorbs humidity and moisture. Thus, it extends the shelf life of garlic. The exterior of the keeper is white, glossy while the terracotta inner is unglazed.

There are vent holes to maintain proper airflow. The garlic-shaped design of the keeper lets you know what is inside. Above all, this small garlic keeper includes a large lid along with an easy to hold knob.

What We Liked:

  • Unique garlic-shaped design
  • Glazed exterior and terracotta unglazed interior
  • Includes an adequate amount of vent holes
  • It holds one large garlic bulb

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Too small; not suitable for all
  • It doesn’t fit multiple garlic heads

This cute Joie terracotta garlic keeper makes an excellent present for your loved one. It is the perfect size for you to have nearby in the kitchen. The design is not only functional but also trendy enough to fit your kitchen décor.

9. Garlic keeper in terracotta by Henry Watson

Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

This Henry Watson garlic keeper comes with a timeless classic design. Besides, it brings naturalness and looks great in any traditional or modern kitchen. This terracotta clay garlic keeper is known to have some excellent natural properties.

First of all, the garlic jar has glazed clay body porosity. The garlic keeper is made from premium-quality Staffordshire clay. It helps in absorbing moisture and keeps your garlic fresh for a longer period.

There are lots of large vent holes that let garlic bulbs to breathe. The holes are located on the rear side of the aeration. Moreover, the unique natural properties of the jar help to retain the natural essence of the garlic.

It stands 4 ½” high and holds up to four garlic bulbs at once. The garlic jar has a large opening so you can easily access the garlic bulbs.

What We Liked:

  • Timeless classic design
  • Made from durable Staffordshire terracotta clay
  • Natural properties and vent holes keep garlic fresh
  • Dishwasher-safe

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Quite expensive than others

All in all, this terracotta garlic storage jar is the most durable than other terracotta jars. The jar is user-friendly, so you should try one.

10. Cooks Innovations Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Cooks Innovations Ceramic Garlic Keeper

In the last in our list, we have an elegant hand-printed garlic keeper. The Cooks Innovations ceramic, kiln-fired garlic keeper looks stylish in the kitchen. It not only allows storing garlic but also you can keep onions, shallots, ginger, etc.

This Cooks Innovations garlic keeper is made of lead-free, non-porous ceramic material. It is glazed as well as kiln-fired to look great. Besides, it includes air holes in the rear side that allows air to enter.

These air holes maintain minimal light so the garlic bulbs won’t sprout. However, it is around 5″ tall, where you can keep five garlic bulbs.

What We Liked:

  • Elegant, user-friendly design
  • Holds up to 5 garlic bulbs
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Wide opening

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not suitable for a humid environment

The Cooks Innovations garlic keeper is designed inspired by old world earthenware traditions. It not only keeps your garlic fresh for longer but also adds some art to your kitchen.

What to Look For In a Garlic Container? (Buyer’s Guide)

A home cook knows the importance of fresh garlic in their everyday recipes. No other things can keep garlic fresh and sound as the garlic storage jar does. Also, it comes in handy at keeping fresh garlic near you. So you can open it whenever you need fresh garlic for cooking and other purposes.

Possibly that is why you are here for the best garlic keeper in the market. Some things make certain garlic storage containers the best. You need to know what makes a garlic jar best from others. Make sure you check the following before buying a garlic cellar.

The Size of the Garlic Keeper

First things first, you must consider the size of the garlic storage jar that you need. Consider the amount of garlic you need to store at once. Over and above, how much space does your kitchen countertop have for the keeper?

If you are sorted with these two things, you’ll understand the size of the keeper you need. It is wise to choose a large garlic keeper. So you can store lots of garlic at once without taking so much space.

You should also consider the shape of the keeper. Check whether your garlic will fit into the keeper. You cannot put a large garlic clove into a small jar as it’ll be hard to take it out.


Garlic keepers are mostly available in materials like terracotta, ceramic, and stoneware. All these three materials are great for storing garlic at room temperature. If you live in damp and cold conditions, you should buy a terracotta garlic container. This keeper is made of unglazed terracotta clay, which absorbs moisture.

However, terracotta clay garlic keeper is more prone to cracking, staining, and chipping. If you are afraid of these damages, you may consider buying glazed stoneware. These garlic holders are stain and crack-resistant. But, they are not as breathable as terracotta garlic keepers.


One of the essential aspects of garlic keeper is its ventilation system. Air circulation is crucial to keep the garlic fresh for a long time. With a proper ventilation system, a garlic keeper won’t serve its purpose. As a result, your garlic will be dampened, which you don’t desire.

That’s why; you need to buy a garlic keeper with maximum holes. You also need to check the position of the holes. Some garlic storage containers come with holes near the bottom. Those units work better in keeping garlic in the best state.

Keepers with small holes near the top and large holes near the bottom works much better. The light enters from the above, so it’ll not reach the garlic. Instead, the large holes allow more air to enter.

Design and Finish

Not to mention that some people buy garlic keeper as it also acts as kitchen décor. It adds to the esthetics of your kitchen while keeping your garlic fresh. Garlic keepers come in diverse designs to attract buyers. You should buy one that fits the decoration of your kitchen.

Moreover, you also need to check the finish of the garlic keeper. A garlic keeper has both porous and non-porous finish. Garlic keeper with a non-porous finish works better in avoiding stains. You can keep it near your cooktop as it is splatter-resistant. Also, it is easy to clean.

Porous garlic keeper, on the other hand, attracts stains, and it is not splatter-resistant. So you need to keep it far away from where you cook.


The garlic keepers with glaze prevent stains. Due to the glaze, it is easy to wipe off the keeper and keep it look like new. A glazed garlic keeper is also safe to use in the dishwasher.

Keeper’s Lid

It is pointless to keep garlic in a garlic jar without the lid or loose-fitting lid. One of the things that ruin the freshness of garlic is lighting. Also, garlic stays fresh for longer when it is stored in dark conditions.

So it is essential to have a lid that closes completely. The lid blocks the light from entering the jar. Whether you buy terracotta, stoneware, or ceramic garlic keeper, make sure it has a decent lid.


You can use some garlic keepers for baking garlic in the oven. You can also bake onion into those keepers. Those units can bake garlic and onion faster than a baking sheet. Having those multipurpose garlic holders will serve more purpose.


The price shouldn’t be a thing to worry about as garlic keepers are mostly affordable. You can buy a decent keeper without breaking the bank. However, you must check whether it worth the value you get. It is not ok to buy a smaller keeper at a low price. Instead, you should invest a little extra in a larger unit.

Things to Remember While Storing Garlic in a Garlic Keeper

Having the best garlic keeper won’t help if you don’t correctly store garlic. There are a few additional steps you need to follow while storing garlic. It’ll prolong the usability of the garlic keeper.

Keep Garlic Keeper Away From Moisture

Excess moisture is the biggest foes of garlic. It has two negative impacts on garlic. Firstly, excess moisture induces sprouting. It not only shortens the shelf life of garlic but also makes garlic taste bitter.

Secondly, too much moisture allows mold to grow, which leads to rot. Here is why you need to store garlic in the right conditions away from moisture.


Garlic remains in its best condition when stored at room temperature. Besides, it has to be a dark and dry place along with lots of air circulation. A temperature between 60oF and 65oF with relative humidity is the best condition for storing garlic.

Do Not Store In the Fridge

Garlic starts to sprouts within a few days if it is stored in a cold environment. Though you can still eat sprouted garlic, sometimes, it tastes bitter. That’s why; the refrigerator is not the right place to store garlic. You should avoid keeping your garlic keeper in the fridge.

Do Not Expose Garlic to Light

If the garlic is exposed to light, it can lead to sprouting. Here garlic keeper works as a first-line defense against the light. Ventilation holes in the keeper still allow some lights to enter. So, it is always better to keep the garlic keeper in the dark corner of the kitchen.

What does a garlic keeper do?

Whether you make garlic paste or recipes from garlic, you’ll certainly need fresh garlic. That’s where a garlic keeper can help. It helps to keep your garlic fresh for several months. You can store lots of garlic into the garlic keeper to use for everyday cooking.

Garlic keeper helps to preserve the taste of garlic as well as prolong the shelf life. One of the main purposes of garlic keeper is mold prevention. That is why garlic keepers are made of ceramic, terracotta, or stoneware. These materials help to prevent excess humidity.

Besides, garlic keepers come with lots of ventilation holes. These holes allow air to circulate around the garlic. It also allows the garlic to breathe while preventing it from getting moist.

On top of that, the garlic keeper prevents the light from reaching the garlic inside. It comes with lids, which blocks light from entering. Thus, garlic keeper makes the garlic last longer. So you can have one and leave it on your kitchen counter.

Using Tips for Garlic Keeper

  • Never keep garlic keeper with whole garlic bulbs in the refrigerator. It’ll allow mold to grow.
  • Always check cleaning instructions before as some models are not dishwasher-safe. You must clean those units by hand.
  • Terracotta garlic keeper also absorbs garlic odor. You can use those if you don’t like the smell of garlic lingering in the kitchen.


Question: What is the best way to store garlic?

Answer: As mentioned, moisture and light are the worst foes of garlic. They both allow mold to grow. That’s why; it is best to store garlic in a dark, dry place at room temperature. There needs to have enough air circulation. Garlic storage containers, open paper bar, or wire-mesh basket are the best option to store garlic.

Question: Can I put garlic in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can. You can store whole garlic bulbs. However, the problem is they won’t last long. It might seem illogical, but garlic tends to sprout more rapidly in the refrigerator.

Question: How long can I keep fresh garlic?

Answer: If you keep whole garlic bulbs in the garlic keeper, it’ll last close to 6 months. Then again, single cloves (unpeeled) will last around three weeks. Once you peel off the garlic cloves, it’ll start to degrade quickly. If you keep individual peeled cloves in the refrigerator, it’ll last up to a week.

Moreover, chopped garlic will not last more than a day unless you coat it with olive oil. All in all, if you want to keep garlic fresh, you should store whole bulbs in the garlic keeper.

Final Words

Taking everything into account, we must say garlic keeper is essential to keep garlic fresh for longer. The design, including vents of garlic keeper, affects the overall performance of garlic keeper. For this reason, you should buy one considering everything we discussed above.

Further, you can choose one from our recommended best garlic keeper in the market.  These keepers will not only help lengthen the lifespan of garlic but also great as kitchen décor. We hope now you can decide which garlic storage jar is best for you.

Best of luck and happy cooking!

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